8 Responses to “Rosario the Feminist”

  1. Actually, Rosario Dawson is with the Women’s forum, which is an organization that MOST feminists refer to as “anti-feminist”. In fact, the members of the women’s forum are shunned by mainstream feminists.

    The women’s forum publishes and deals with REAL equality, is a conservative organisation (unlike feminists who are marxists) and helps boys and men as well as publishing books bashing and criticizing feminism.

    The IWF is really an alternative to feminism (as understood today), and so is Rosario Dawson. They bash and criticize feminism…

  2. Eddie says:

    She became disillusioned with feminism. Feminism is cultural Marxism. The women have failed to become the killing machines we see in the movies. IT is a hard heart that kills.

  3. 3viljosh says:

    That’s totally anti semitic FOAD Alex. My dad had to carry laundry up flights of stairs. I’m no rich, Rothschild Jew.

  4. What the fuck is this shite? You beating off to nude pics of Rosario Dawson? Wanking it in your mother’s basement L is for LOSER

  5. shogo says:

    GNN is finished. the left has collapsed. all because of my trolling

  6. Joe says:

    Look at Paul Rudd molesting that latina. He’s god’s chosen after all. He’s entitled to grope. I’m glad GNN died a slow death. Fascism’s a joke. Anarchy’s for fools’. Restore the republic!

    • 3viljosh says:

      FOAD alex. FOAD. masks camera action! or GNN style camera, unmask the anarchist! I can’t believe GNN unmasked all those black bloc anarchists.

  7. Alex says:

    Never trust a yahoodi. Josh thou art a bottle of cheap stinking chip oil.